A Nanoforum event


Following on from the successful “Nanotechnology and Smart Materials for Medical Devices” conference in Edinburgh in December 2003, this second Nanoforum Conference, organized jointly by IoN and AIRI/Nanotec IT, will be held in Rome on the 29th and 30th November 2004 at the Centro Congressi Frentani (Via dei Frentani 4, Rome).

The Conference will highlight the potentialities of nanotechnology to revolutionize human health care, with presentations from both the research community and industry. It will have an application oriented profile with particular attention to those applications closer to the market and it will also discuss regulatory and societal aspects of the new technologies.

The Conference will have the following themes:

New Frontiers of Medical Diagnostics
Sensors (chip devices and wearable); internal diagnostics; molecular probes and machines; new systems and material for imaging, to increase speed, accuracy and functionality.
Novel Pharmaceuticals and Therapies
New manufacturing methods; intelligent delivery systems; gene therapy; nano-bio robotics.

Implants and Prostheses
Materials; surfaces modification and tissue engineering for improved biocompatibility and/or for biofunctionality; power systems for implants and prostheses.
Effects of nanotechnology on medicine and the health care system (panel discussion)
Nanomedicine compared to current medicine and medical trends, regulatory problems, social and ethical issues; barriers to commercialisation and other issues.

Who Should Attend

The programme will cover a broad range of topics to give a thorough overview of the latest developments and trends of application of nanotechnology in the medical sector. There will be presentations from researchers both from academia and industry, but there will also be an ample discussion about the implications to face when moving toward high-tech medicine. The two day Conference will therefore be an excellent opportunity for researchers, industry representatives (product developers and suppliers), end users, public bodies and planners, the financial community. The Conference will give an insight about the latest cutting edge research and its expected evolution in the short-mid terms and it will put forward how the medical practice and patient care could evolve, indicating actions to keep pace and prepare for this disruptive technology.


English will be the official language of the Conference.


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