Who we are

Airi – Italian Association for Industrial Research – is a private, not-for profit, association funded in 1974 to promote industrial Research and Innovation in Italy and to enhance co-operation between the private and public sector. Airi represents a key opinion leader for policy makers and an active player for the promotion of the technological development of the Country.

In 2003 Airi has created Airi/Nanotec IT, a technological division with the aim to promote nanotechnologies and, since 2014, the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and their industrial applications.

The Association operates at national and international level, organizing and participating to projects, working groups, multistakeholder dialogues and conferences, in order to support and stimulate Research & Innovation activities of its members. Promoting Responsible Research and Innovation is one of its main institutional duty.

Main areas of activity within the KETs theme are:

  • assess R&I trends and applications
  • evaluate KETs for the national industry
  • informing decision-makers on R&I policies
  • monitor regulation, safety, social and ethical impacts
  • foster stakeholders’ dialogue
  • promote public-private cooperation
  • disseminate information on R&I


The Technical Committee on Nanotechologies and Key Enabling Technologies (Airi/Nanotec IT) is composed of organizations members of Airi. The list of actual members is available here .
The Technical Committee is guided by a Steering Committee and a Coordinator. The Steering Committee is formed by R&D managers and researchers coming from the organization partners. In agreement with the Coordinator, the Steering Committee identifies objectives, guidelines, themes of interest and priority actions to focus the activities of Airi/Nanotec IT.

Joining us

Joining Airi/Nanotec IT gives the opportunity to participate in the Committee activities so helping to shape contents and objectives of its action and take advantage of its services and initiatives.
The participation is open to Italian organizations directly active in KETs or planning to do it, as well as to organizations that want to be kept informed about the technological and societal aspects of its development. Researchers from academia and industry, public and industrial planners, product developers, entrepreneurs, governmental institutions, professional and business associations, investors, all can get useful indications for their practice. Membership conditions and rules are available on the Airi website.


Studies and analysis
Airi/Nanotec IT monitor and assess developments in R&I and policies on KETs and national and international level, including development of technology scenario, assessment of priority industrial technologies, survey on stakeholders’ attitudes and opinions on R&I, monitoring of regulation, standards and ethical evaluation procedures on R&I.

Outcomes of Airi/Nanotec IT analysis are condensed, on a regular basis, in reports and study. Amongst its publication is the Census of nanotechnology in Italy giving detailed information about players and activities in the Country. A regular news service is provided by the Nanotec IT Newsletter, a forum for activities and initiatives in nanotechnology and KETs in Italy, and a window on the outside world.
See here full list of Airi/Nanotec IT publications.

Airi/Nanotec IT, alone or in cooperation with others, organizes events to disseminate information and educate people, favour contacts, foster cooperation, promote responsible innovation. Since 2008 it organizes NanotechItaly, the yearly national event, International showcase for nanotechnologies.

See here full list of Airi/Nanotec IT events

Partnership and networking
Airi/Nanotec IT participates to working groups on KETs developments, and is involved in European projects, so extending its reach and strengthening its international network.

Projects (2010 onwards):

  • Prisma: Piloting Responsible Research and innovation in Industry
  • CaLIBRAtePerformance testing, calibration and implementation of a next generation system-of-systems Risk Governance Framework for transparent risk assessment and risk communication between industries, regulators and insurers. (Horizon 2020)
  • NanoRestArt – NANOmaterials for the REStoration of works of ART (Horizon 2020)
  • Satori: Stakeholders Acting Together On the ethical impact assessment of Research and Innovation (EC FP7 – SiS)
  • Responsible Industry: Responsible Research and Innovation in Business and Industry in the Domain of ICT for, Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing (EC FP7 – SiS)
  • Nano-Lab: Gestione dei nanomateriali nei laboratori di ricerca: metodologie operative di control banding
  • RinnovareNano: Sviluppo Responsabile dei Nanomateriali ed opportunità per il sistema industriale regionale

Closed projects (2010 onwards):

  • NanoDiode: Developing Innovative Outreach and Dialogue on responsible nanotechnologies in EU civil society. (EC FP7 – NMP)
  • Nanotox: Evalute safety and regulatory issues of commercial nanosilver particles (University of Milano, IT)
  • NanOSHItaly: National network for occupational risk of exposure to nanomaterial (INAIL, IT)
  • Nanocode: Implementation of the EU code of Conduct on Nanotechnologies (EC FP7 – SiS)
  • ObservatoryNano: the EU Observatory on Nanotechnologies (EC FP7 – NMP)

Projects before 2010 (click here)


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